The value of the coupon is perceived in two entirely differently perspectives by the customer and the marketer. To a marketer the only way he sees a coupon is by the monetary savings it offers to the customer. But for a customer though, there is a long subsidiary checklist that defines the worth of the coupon. This is what decides whether the customer has to redeem the coupon for its value or just leave it unused.

So here are a few tips as to how to penetrate and understand what is that secret checklist in the minds of the customer and turn an individual to a visitor and then the visitor into a prospective lead and then that prospective lead to a loyal customer. This conversion process requires a lot of research about customer databases and market study. See for an example of a company who gets it right.

  1. Make the coupons readily available:

In most of the cases, website visitors are forced to hunt for coupons that would suit them on the sites. The baseline is don’t make your customers play hide and seek with the discount coupons. Make the coupons clearly visible to the visitors and easily redeemable. Some of the ways in which you can prompt the shoppers to use your coupons is by
Exit Focused Flashbox- In this way the coupon is displayed as a pop up Flashbox when the visitor exits the store.
Cart Abandon Flashbox This displays the coupons in a pop up flash box when the visitor abandons the cart, thereby prompting him to continue his billing process.
Sticky Banner The coupons have to me made available at the header or footer of the screen and should remain visible even if the customer scrolls through the page. This will help in easy reference of the code when it needs to be entered into the appropriate area.
Redisplay This method redisplays the coupons when the visitor during checkout. This will help in instant access of the code during the check out process.

  1. Customize the offers:

A coupon that makes one happy might not actually even bother another person to use them. The worth of the coupon depends upon each individual’s preference. Hence offering the right coupons for the right customer is the key to succeed. This could be done by displaying coupons relevant to the page that the visitor is browsing and also by offering coupons of related items that the customer has already added to their cart. This makes the coupons usable.

  1. Make your visitors feel Special:

Shopping and discount codes are widely scattered on the net, so when a customer picks your site over the others, it is your duty to make them feel special and satisfied with your offers and services. Offer them special discount codes like
First-Time Shoppers coupons that offer them free shipping.
Special coupons for return customers, that gives them special discounts on their 1st three return visits.
Special discounts for traffic generated through other sites like offering a special discount when a customer likes your Facebook page.

All these offers will definitely make the customers feel special and convert them into loyal customers.

  1. Always have a surprise element:

Your coupons should be designed in such a way that it doesn’t create coupon fatigue; customers should not be bored by the appearance of your coupons. Repeating the same old coupons for months together will result in this, so come up with something new each time. Redesign your coupons, change their positions, change their physical appearance, and change the taglines, making them wear a fresh and appealing look each time they pop out.

  1. Rule of Reciprocation:

When you offer a discount, you can ask a favor in return from the customers. By applying the rule of reciprocation, you can request for some information about the customer and to the least ask just their e-mail id. This data could be later used to create a customer database, which could be used for future promotional offers. This data could also be used to study customer preferences and come up with innovative and more customer-friendly coupons in the future.

These are few ways and means that include but not limit a marketer’s effort to effectively leverage to convert a visitor to a loyal customer. Offering the right thing at the right time to he right person will always give the right result.

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